Originally, I created this blog as a model for students in my graduate class on Teaching Writing in the Secondary School, and since I preached that teachers should write with their students, I wanted to do likewise. However, I so enjoyed creating and adding to my blog that when I retired, I decided to continue it and, moreover, take the leap into making it available for the public.

In addition to providing a place to share my thoughts on the books I read as well as the ways they influence my writing, this blog will also be a site to inform more readers about the amazing lives of the women in my biographies as well as a repository for my hobbies and interests. I welcome all feedback and comments!

Life is good!

P.S. Because I am still trying to complete my own book, I do not write solicited book reviews at present.


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5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Love the pictures. Although I have to admit the picture of the rattlesnake is fantastic. I’ve been researching book reviewers/bloggers as, if everything goes as planned, my first book will come out in less than a month (fingers crossed). I’ve been anxiously awaiting the first view of the cover for my book and when I saw your picture of the rattlesnake my first thought was that would be a terrific picture for my book! (guilty) I love nature, books, and history. Thoroughly enjoying browsing your site.

  2. Colorado is a wonderful state, but has its share of complications as well. I still teach in Nebraska at Hershey High School; commute from our home in Johnstown, Colorado every other weekend. I taught in Colorado for about three years, but was RIFed and most schools won’t offer more than about 2-3 years of previous experience. 🙁 I enjoy fishing and hiking in and around Estes Park and Fort Collins. I was driving from North Platte to McCook on Highway 83 earlier this week. What a vista of canyons, pines, and a slowly sinking sun to the west!

  3. Your view of the Rocky Mountains is amazing! I live in southeast Nebraska, where the term “rolling plains” describes my view. Right now, everything is still dormant; however, I did notice a slight green hue in a field that I pass everyday. There is hope that spring is near.

  4. I love your view! What a wonderful place to read, write and reflect! We are frequent visitors to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. It looks like your home is pretty high up there — about what locale is that?

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